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My book shelf (well one of them!)

This is simply a little information about me, Nigel Rossiter, and why I am now blogging about the books I’ve read. I go back a fair way and have been reading for many years now. It started with being read to as a child however as soon as I could read I simply devoured almost anything I could get my hands on.

This started with Enid Blyton books I’m pretty sure.  The journey from then to now has been quite long and varied – a little more information is here.  While there are genres I don’t read, I’ve read a very wide variety of books over the years and continue to do so.  For some idea of the range of my reading please do look here.  In recent years I’ve had more time to read and I’ve also been involved with Advanced Reader Copies of books from publishers as I’ve been writing reviews online for around 10 years now.  Initially these were invariably paper copies of books however space, travel and convenience has lead to me using e devices and reading ebooks some of the time now.  I’ve contributed reviews to Amazon and GoodReads for some time now – my GoodReads profile is here.

I do still prefer real books however the shelf space in the house gets overloaded and when I’m travelling I simply can’t take enough books (or variety) with me.  I’ve had a tablet (Samsung 8in) for a couple of years now so that has the Kindle reader app on which usually comes under the heading of OK but that depends on the quality of the most recent update.  A year ago I bought another tablet (Nexus 7in) to act as a sat-nav for trips in our motorhome.  However it was obvious that it would make a good backup reader so it too has the Kindle app on.  For reading I probably prefer the Nexus though there is not a lot in it.  As a recent ARC copy arrived as an Adobe Digital file I had to install a reader for that format and used the Aldiko app.  I can’t really say I’m impressed with it – it crashes fairly often for me and lacks some basic functionality.  If I get other books in that format I’ll try something else I guess.

Earlier this year (2016) I bought an actual Kindle (paper white).  The battery last far longer and it can be used in very bright light which I like a lot.  For organising books, collections etc the Kindle app is far easier to use for me so I’ll still use that from time to time.

As to the blogging aspect of this, I’ve had another blog up and running for some years now. The blog is basically a photo blog of my walks and travels and can be found here. The equivalent “about me” page in that blog is here and will have some different information in I guess.  If you are looking for me on Facebook in connection with books then the link is here (the equivalent page for my photoblog on Facebook is here).

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