A reader’s journey

My reader’s journey – so far

As I stated on the page “about me” I’ve read widely over the years. I’d like to offer at least an outline of the sort of books I’ve read.  From the Famous Five and Secret Seven books, often read under the bedclothes with a torch, I moved on to read almost anything I could get my hands on.  Thrillers such as Hammond Innes and Alastair MacLean were firm favourites, however Nevil Shute and Nicholas Monsarrat appealed enormously.  A gift from my mother, just pre teens, took me into the wonderful world of Lord of the Rings and then to Mervyn Peake’s works.  Throw in a dash of science fiction and Dennis Wheatley, Conan Doyle and Georges Simenon and much of my early reading is covered.

A little later I certainly got great enjoyment out of works by authors such as Morris West and Graham Greene.  As is so often the case work, family and life slowed down my reading for while though I still read when I could. It seems to me now that the next phase, and a reawakened interest in books, arrived with Terry Pratchett’s Discworld books. I’d read quite a few authors who were not exactly mainstream prior to that such as Christopher Brookmyre (still a favourite author) and Jonathan Coe.  The slightly dark anarchic humour of both of those authors really appealed to me as did the “Thursday Next” books of Jasper Fforde.

Almost two decades ago now the Internet started impacting on my life and so buying books and other things from Amazon became quite normal.  I was always interested in reading reviews from others and they often helped with my decisions.  It was natural to me to start reviewing books etc myself in the hope that others might appreciate it.  This lead to me being invited to join the Amazon Vine programme which at that time consisted almost solely of pre publication books.  This meant that I read far more widely than I would have done otherwise and I am grateful for that.

I certainly do have genres and authors that I like to read however I often find myself enjoying something that I would not have imagined I’d have read simply because the quality of the writing is so good and the content so interesting.  I do find that, reading a lot of books these days, the standard of some of the writing, even in highly popular books, leaves something to be desired for me.

I guess the genres have mostly remained fairly constant over the years.  I enjoy crime thriller type books, of late these will include a number of “Nordic Noir” authors.  Modern fiction is a rather wide ranging heading but I do read a lot which would come under that and often by new authors.  Fantasy certainly continues to appeal to me too.  Increasingly I find well written non fiction attractive over quite a wide range of subject and I have also dipped my toe in the historical fiction pool.

I will write more and more detail about some favourite authors/genres soon however for now my interests and many more reviews can be found via my profile on GoodReads here.  I’ll also comment more on GoodReads and such review sites as this blog develops.  Possibly of interest to others may be my travel and photography blog which has been running for some years now and can be found here.