Isaac and the Egg by Bobby Palmer reviewed

Isaac and the Egg Book Cover Isaac and the Egg
Bobby Palmer
August 18, 2022

Find hope in the unexpected in this unforgettable debut novel about grief and friendship, for readers of Patrick Ness, Sarah Winman and Max Porter.

Isaac stands alone on a bridge and screams into the river below.

And then, an answer. A cry of despair perhaps even greater than his own.

The sound draws Isaac into the woods. What he finds there changes everything.

It's a tale that might seem familiar. A broken man and an unexpected guest, who can't stay forever. But real life isn't a story. It's full of truths, messy and surprising, that Isaac has been hiding from his new, improbable friend...

Powerful, hopeful and utterly extraordinary, this is a truly original tale of love and loss, told with warmth and imaginative humour, from an unforgettable new voice in fiction.

Isaac and the Egg by Bobby Palmer

The start of Isaac and the Egg held me nicely. Isaac is stood on the bridge and considering suicide. Within that he remembers nothing, he screams and then hears a scream that is not his coming from the forest alongside the river. Despite the state he is in – and the engine is still running on his car at the end of the bridge – he heads into the forest to find the source of the scream. There he finds the Egg.

This book narrates Isaac’s time with Egg. Without giving things away it’s actually quite hard to say a lot more about the detail of this book. Personally I think it’s one to be enjoyed “fresh”. I think I can safely say that it is about grief and love and very powerful if you are engaged with the story. Isaac’s life is one that really has unravelled and almost terminally so. The question really is does he have a way out.

There was much I liked about Isaac and the Egg. It was certainly different and I personally was engaged with it. The picture painted of Isaac’s life – out of control as it was – convinced me. The Egg intrigued me even if I never really examined what I thought about it until almost the end. There was some humour here though mostly rather dark. And yet… somehow it didn’t completely fully click with me. Having said that I would recommend it to anyone at all interested as a worthwhile read. 3.5/5 and rounded up for originality.

Note – I received an advance digital copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for a fair review