Love and Laughter in the Time of Chemotherapy by M Pawagi

Love and Laughter in the Time of Chemotherapy Book Cover Love and Laughter in the Time of Chemotherapy
Manjusha Pawagi
Non fiction
Second Story Press
October 10, 2017

Manjusha Pawagi, a successful family court judge, has written a not-so-typical memoir about her experience with cancer. Wryly funny and stubbornly hopeful, this is her quirky take on what it’s like to face your own mortality when, to be honest, you thought you’d live forever. She describes how even the darkest moments of life can be made worse with roommates; details how much determination it takes to ignore the statistics; and answers the age-old question: what does it take to get a banana popsicle around here?

Love and Laughter in the Time of Chemotherapy by Manjusha Pawagi has humour and a lightness in it for such a dark topic. I found it very easy to read and very quickly become absorbed in it. This is Manjusha’s story of her cancer – Leukaemia. There is disbelief initially followed by a long process of treatment. This includes a full stem cell transplant which I found very interesting. The lack of donors on a worldwide basis apparently leads Manjusha to campaign for awareness. However the treatment is no panacea and there are real dangers involved.

There is enough medical information about both the treatment and the condition to satisfy those who are interested. However the key aspect of this book is how Manjusha felt about the impact and the things that happened to her both minor and major.

The story is told in a very matter of fact way. Manjusha manages to create the feeling of real surprise at times. She also comes over as a very real character. In the end this is an extremely personal story and it is hard to criticise the open honesty of her writing. It should be of interest to many people who have involvement with this type of cancer and its treatment.

Note – I received an advance digital copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for a fair review