Senseless by Ed James reviewed

Senseless Book Cover Senseless
Ed James
July 23, 2020

Six weeks after vanishing, Sarah Langton is suddenly found - half-crazed and starved close to death.
Without a single clue, the police struggle to find answers.

But when another missing person reappears, broken by months of solitary confinement, a deadly pattern becomes terrifyingly clear: a twisted predator is driving his victims to madness.

DS Corcoran, still haunted by a previous case, and Dr Marie Palmer, a leading criminal psychiatrist, must work together to find a link between the survivors - and unravel the deadliest of puzzles. And when another woman disappears, every second will be critical...


A nice start to Senseless by Ed James. Six weeks after she disappeared a woman is found by the side of a road naked. She is miles from where she was last seen. She is almost staved to death. The big question is why. Two cops – DS Aidan Corcoran and DI Alana Thompson – are diverted from another case to investigate. This case looks strange. When another missing person is found again – almost out of his mind – things start looking very twisted.

In the main Senseless follows Aidan Corcoran’s investigation of the case although DI Thompson is in charge. Corcoran is ex Met police. There is no doubt that he had some issues with that force but what are they and how might they impact on the current case? A civilian criminal psychologist joins the team. Dr Marie Palmer has some experience of talking to violent and serial offenders. How useful will she be on a live case?

I found that the characters came through well in this book. The minor ones were good enough. Palmer and Corcoran were good. This book does not have massive depth to it – it is a straightforward crime read in many ways. The plus here – compared to some – is the pace and tension that is worked in. When you get that some of the niceties of scene setting etc are less important.

The tag line that Senseless would be good for fans of MJ Arlidge and his DI Helen Grace books is understandable. This is a pacey mysterious case. However Corcoran is no Helen Grace. Or certainly the Helen Grace of the early books. That said this is a decent crime read that fans of similar authors should find enjoyable. I found it a worthwhile read and would happily recommend it to others. I’ll certainly look at reading the next book in the series when it comes out (I hope!).

Note – I received an advance digital copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for a fair review