Daisy in Chains by Sharon Bolton reviewed

Daisy in Chains Book Cover Daisy in Chains
Sharon Bolton
Bantam Press
June 2, 2016

He’s a serial killer. A murderer of young women, all killed in brutal attacks. But despite Hamish Wolfe’s conviction, he’s always stuck to his story—he’s innocent and he’s been wrongly imprisoned. And now he wants someone to investigate and, more importantly, to write his story. Maggie Rose is a notorious defense attorney and writer whose specialty is getting convictions overturned. At first, Maggie is reluctant to even acknowledge Hamish’s requests to meet, ignoring his letters. But this is a very charismatic and persuasive man, good-looking and intelligent. Eventually even she can’t resist his lure...

I’ve read and enjoyed all Sharon Bolton‘s books so far and was enjoying the anticipation of reading this year’s tale. Her writing is just so good to me and I was intrigued and involved within a couple of chapters. The tale of the rescue from a storm drain at the start was wonderfully done. This is the story of reclusive lawyer Maggie. She gets people out of prison after they’ve been sentenced for murder by looking for the holes in the cases. Hamish is imprisoned for the murder of 3 women and the suspected murder of another. Although the case appears somewhat interesting to Maggie she is not really interested in taking it.

This book has a dark background running through it and Bolton always writes that sort of story very well. The technique here is somewhat different consisting of conventional chapters but interspersed with documents, articles, emails and letters relevant to the story. While it didn’t make it hard to read I’m not sure the idea quite worked for me. The characters in it are generally good and well worked – Maggie, described as “the heartless bitch”, is a very good character. In this all the characters have a feeling of hiding something and for quite some time I found myself unsure about what the outcome might be. While it is one of those books that gradually reveal more and more I kept wondering who was really bad as well as the mystery of who or what Daisy in Chains actually is. Unusually for me there was a light bulb moment when I worked out much of the storyline though not all I have to say. This is a well worked thriller by a very good crime writer – highly enjoyable and not easy to put down.

Note – I received an advance digital copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for a fair review