Hide and Seek by M J Arlidge reviewed

Hide and Seek
Detective Inspector Helen Grace
M J Arlidge
Michael Joseph
October 25, 2016

AFTER Little Boy Blue FIND OUT WHAT AWAITS DI HELEN GRACE IN THE SIXTH THRILLER BY BESTSELLING AUTHOR M. J. ARLIDGE: Hide and Seek PRAISE FOR M.J. ARLIDGE: 'Helen Grace is one of the greatest heroes to come along in years' JEFFERY DEAVER 'The new Jo Nesbo' JUDY FINNIGAN 'Fast paced and nailbitingly tense ... gripping' Sun 'DI Helen Grace is a genuinely fresh heroine ... MJ Arlidge weaves together a tapestry that chills to the bone' Daily Mail 'Chilling stuff' Fabulist 'A chilling read' My Weekly 'A grisly, gripping thriller' Sunday Mirror 'Gruesomely realistic, intriguing and relentless. Arlidge's fledgling army of fans is about to grow' Sunday Sport 'Eeny Meeny debuts one of the best new series detectives, Helen Grace. Determined, tough and damaged, she must unravel a terrifying riddle of a killer kidnapping victims in pairs. Mesmerizing!' Lisa Gardner 'Expertly pulled off. It has a devious premise. DI Helen Grace is fiendishly awesome. It's scary as all hell. And it has a full cast of realistically drawn, interesting characters that make the thing read like a bullet' Will Lavender 'A fast-paced, twisting police procedural and thriller that's sure to become another bestseller' Huffington Post

After the cliff hanger ending of “Little Boy Blue” (book 5 in the Helen Grace series by M J Arlidge) I really couldn’t wait to see how this next book “Hide and Seek” would deal with the continuation of the story. Given that I thought that Little Boy Blue was almost the best book of the series so far I was a little worried about the way Hide and Seek might work. I need not have worried – M J Arlidge is an accomplished writer and has proved that yet again.

The regular characters from the last book return back again in Hide and Seek. Helen’s somewhat less than pleasant boss, Gardam, is back. The equally unlikable local reporter, Emilia Garanita (& no longer “local”) is still writing stories about Helen. Charlie Brooks, her junior officer from the previous books, is still trying to help Helen. Inevitably there is another serial killer on the loose. Helen faces even greater challenges to get to grips with this murderer. There are a number of twists and turns in the book.  The pace is fast as always aided by the stripped down writing making this – for me – another excellent thriller.

I did feel that this book changes the tone of the series to some degree. The totally different location obviously plays a part however I found Helen maybe more thoughtful and with a greater degree of humanity maybe. I’ve enjoyed Helen’s development as a character in this series. Initially she was rather different to the normal police investigator and in a good way. Now she seems a fuller character who I find increasingly appealing. I’m really looking forward to book 7 and I will definitely not be the only reader who can’t wait for it!

Note – I received an advance digital copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for a fair review